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The G. Zurstrassen Collection – Beauty with Conscience


IT RUNS IN HIS FAMILY, his love of beauty and the creation of pieces that entice our minds and souls. His father is a well-known collector and antiques dealer, his uncle a famous painter and his brother an artist but for Gonzague himself his passion lies in the hearts of the precious stones created beneath the Earth ́s surface over millennia.

Born in Belgium and a graduate of the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) in Antwerp Gonzague Gzurstrassen has spent the nearer part of a decade on an island in Thailand creating his own brand after a chance meeting with Eva Malmström Shivdasani, co-fonder of Soneva.

“My story began a few weeks before I left the famous house of Mouawad after 14 years of honing my skills and gaining experience. The universe was definitely on its A-game that day when I met Eva in Bangkok back in 2010 because we immediately clicked and started me on this amazing journey I am on.”

Now, almost 10 years later Soneva is deeply entwined into Gonzague ́s life. His meeting with Eva brought about the creation of a gallery at Soneva Kiri where for the first time he was able to be the creator of his own destiny.

“Eva knows that luxury is something that its rare, but most importantly genuine and I believe that my pieces truly reflect this as they are not simply pieces of jewelry, instead each of my creations carry with them both a story and a soul. They are statements to be as much admired and they are to be contemplated upon,” Gonzague says.

His gems originate from all over the world but mainly from Thailand, Burma Sri Lanka an India and his metals come from a local dealer.

“It is incredibly important to me that my materials as sourced with a conscience, from people I know and that I like. I believe that everything carries with it both energy and a soul so its very essential to me that I feel comfortable with the people I work with as they are an integral part of the DNA of each piece. I have always been drawn to non- aggressive shapes the use lots of unusual colours – blue paraibas, off-color diamonds and flashy tourmalines – all natural stones that are rare due to their limited supplies rather than their market price.”

Gonzague places great pride in this ethos of his brand that he believes is truly unique and one-of-a-kind and believes that this is the reason why guests who visit the gallery usually buy not only one but several pieces.

“My art holds the connection of organic shapes, hidden messages and symbolism all related to nature and cannot be found anywhere else in the world and although my clients are well-travelled people that are exposed to the best in life my pieces still find ways to surprise them.”

When asked where his inspiration comes from he explains that it comes from being curious and from having a mind that simply can ́t stop imagining things.

“My mind doesn ́t stop and the simplest of ideas can easily become an obsession, relentless until I have completed it and can turn my mind to something else and then the cycle begins again. Perpetual motion and never-ending inspiration.”

Gonzague splits his time between his galleries at Soneva Kiri in Thailand and at Soneva Jani in the Maldives. or on Instagram @gzurstrassen.